Proper Male Hygiene

Men are men and they usually have a different view on cleanliness than women.  This is particularly true when taking a bath or shower as men usually take lesser time to clean themselves than women.  The thing is that hygiene, cleanliness, and health are all interlinked together.  It does not mean that a man is unhygienic if he takes quick baths, but the thing is he could do more.

Part of a man’s daily hygiene routine would be to shower, shave, and apply deodorant.  The problem with men however is that they sweat differently, sometimes, even on different areas of their bodies, and that this sweating is prone to bacterial buildup if they do not clean themselves frequently.  Add to that their body hairs which can trap in dirt, bacteria, and other types of odors.  The mixture of dirt, sweat, and bacteria leads to one thing – odor.  For this reason, it is essential that a man not only bathes and soaps themselves properly with antibacterial soaps, but they also needs to make sure to towel themselves dry because the moisture in the skin can serve as the breeding ground now for bacteria.

A crucial factor that men needs to do after showering and toweling themselves dry is the application of a good deodorant so that their armpits do not sweat a lot, hence the less buildup of odor.  Shaving is also an important hygiene for men because it not just projects a much cleaner image, but they are also less prone to the buildup or growth of anything unnecessary on those facial hairs.

Despite having mentioned three important parts of male hygiene, there is one thing missing here that is also very important – the cleaning of the penis.  Women are more into cleaning their privates because they understand that if they don’t, they are prone to bacterial infections as well as urinary tract infections.  Most men on the other hand are not much into the comprehensive cleaning of their tool.  They believe that rubbing it with soap while they are soaping their body is sufficient enough to clean.  While this is usually enough most of the time, it is important still to give yourself a few minutes to properly clean your penis each day.

Every man considers their penises to be one of their most valuable possessions.  This only makes it proper to give a few minutes of your time in cleaning it each day.  This is because without proper care, the penis is also prone to bacterial buildup which can cause infection.

There is no penis that does not have any nooks and crannies.  The nooks and crannies must be cleaned thoroughly each day while showering so that no bacterial buildup occurs in those areas.  Should you fail to clean your penis regularly, a funky-smelling cheesy-looking whitish to light yellow substance will buildup underneath the glans.  This is actually evidence of poor hygiene and can be a turn off for the sexual partner.  To ensure that such buildup does not occur, cleaning the nooks and crannies by lifting any folds will help you soap any part that may be prone to such bacterial infection.